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Same accusation 2 different results

Misma acusación 2 resultados distintos
After the sentencing of a tobacconist to 3 years in prison for selling CBD in the courts of Bilbao, the provincial court of Vizcaya acquitted her of the crime of drug trafficking, considering that the products did not produce psychoactive effects because they contained a very low THC. This makes clear the contradictions between one judge and another, the accusations first go to the courts of the city, if in this process it is condemned it is necessary to resort to the provincial audience, if the accusation continues it is necessary to go to the national courts and if it continues to the European courts, which can be many years and a lot of money spent in lawyers. However, it is difficult that all these condemn these facts, so if you take into account the loss in stock and spending on lawyers, the sector can be a place with high profits.

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