What No One Tells You About THC Limits in Light Cannabis

Lo que nadie te cuenta sobre los limites del THC en el cannabis light

What No One Tells You About THC Limits in Light Cannabis, CBD Marijuana, or Industrial Hemp

It is often said that the THC limit for these products is 0.2%, which, although not widely known, was increased to 0.3% in 2021. However, this is merely a requirement for qualifying for a cultivation subsidy, so if you do not apply for the subsidy, you simply have to adhere to the level given by the varieties of industrial hemp subscribed to the European catalogue of authorized seeds. These seeds are not stable and once manicured can easily yield more than 1% THC, with the norm being 0.4-0.6% THC. Furthermore, the method of analyzing the crops that adhere to these subsidies is to take 50 branches of about 30cm with leaves and stems per hectare, which gives an average that, having so much plant material, can yield less than 0.3% THC, which once the crop is finished can increase significantly.

International standards state that light cannabis has a maximum of 1% THC, just as non-alcoholic alcohol can have up to 1% alcohol.

There is also a type of analysis made very popular by lawyers in the sector called the psychoactivity index, which is calculated in terms of the CBD:THC ratio that has to give a maximum of 1, the more CBD the CBD marijuana has, the more THC it can carry as it is considered primarily a CBD plant. This analysis can even yield more than 1% THC as long as the variety has very high levels of CBD.

In conclusion, there are doubts about the THC content of cannabis. For almost a decade, people have been sent to jail for selling CBD with 0.80% THC (Juan Zurita Arguelles who was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months and has already been released from jail). However, with the CBD trend of recent years, there have been favorable rulings with more than 1% THC. In fact, the acquittal from drug trafficking with higher THC had more than 3% THC.

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