World's largest stash of packaged cannabis was CBD | Francisco on remand

El mayor alijo de cannabis envasado del mundo era CBD | Francisco en prisión provisional
The largest cache of industrial CBD hemp packaged internationally according to the Civil Guard was illegal because it was marijuana flower regardless of the THC level.

Francisco, who at this point has been in provisional prison for almost a year, defends that his cultivation was legal, the 30 tons of CBD light cannabis all had less than 1% THC and a psychoactivity index of less than 1, which was part of a legal framework where anything can happen. After his first intervention, he was charged with international drug trafficking and membership of a criminal group, but released. However, in his second intervention he requested habeas corpus to testify before the judge, thinking that with the transparency and permits that his cultivation had, he was going to be released. In the end they put him in provisional prison without even having done an analysis arguing that CBD flower is illegal regardless of its THC level. He also had 20kg of hashish or CBD pollen from the remains of the manicure with more than 1% of THC (being a CBD marijuana extract the cannabinides are concentrated giving more THC and more CBD).

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