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Don't Trust the CBD Percentages, The Reality of the THC-CBD Ratio

No te fíes de los porcentajes de CBD, la realidad del ratio THC-CBD

History of CBD and its Evolution in the Market

CBD, a compound derived from cannabis, has been used for its therapeutic properties since ancient times. In the last decade, its popularity has skyrocketed, with an expanding market that includes everything from oils to edibles and cosmetics. This section explores how the use and perception of CBD have evolved over the years, including its disassociation from the stigma associated with cannabis and its growing acceptance in society.

Truth vs Fiction: Demystifying the advertised CBD percentages
There is a significant discrepancy between the CBD percentages advertised on product labels and their actual content. This section investigates how the lack of clear and consistent regulations in the CBD industry has allowed some manufacturers to exaggerate or even falsify the CBD content in their products, leading to widespread misinformation among consumers.

Laboratory Analysis: The Role of La Fundación Canna, Ananda Labs, and Elite Seeds in CBD Research

Organizations like La Fundación Canna, Ananda Labs, and Elite Seeds have played a crucial role in the analysis and research of CBD. Through scientific studies and laboratory tests, these institutions seek to provide a more accurate and verified understanding of the actual CBD and THC content in various products. This section details the methods and findings of these organizations, and how their research is helping to establish more reliable standards in the industry.

Reality of the Ratio: Exploration of the typical THC-CBD ratio in products
The THC-CBD ratios in CBD products vary widely, which has a significant impact on their effects and uses. This part of the article explores the different ratios commonly found in the market, discussing how these affect the user experience and the therapeutic properties of the product.

Common Deviations: How and why some products deviate from the norm

Not all CBD products adhere to the expected standards in terms of their THC and CBD content. In this section, the common reasons behind these deviations are examined, such as variations in the cultivation and extraction process, the lack of standardization in production, and the absence of adequate regulatory oversight.
Legality and Regulation: Regulations on CBD in the Spanish jurisdiction

The legal framework surrounding CBD is complex and varies significantly from country to country. In Spain, the laws regulating the production, sale, and consumption of CBD products are still ambiguous and subject to change. This section details the current state of Spanish legislation regarding CBD and how it affects both consumers and producers.
Quality vs Quantity: The importance of focusing on the quality of CBD
Faced with the growing offer of CBD products, it is crucial for consumers to focus on quality rather than quantity. This part of the article discusses the importance of considering factors like the origin of CBD, the extraction methods used, and the presence of certificates of analysis from accredited laboratories, to ensure purchasing a safe and effective product.

Impact on the Consumer: How these ratios affect the end user
The different THC-CBD ratios have various effects on consumers, from pain relief and anxiety reduction to potential side effects. This section explores how these ratios impact user well-being and health, and the importance of choosing the right product according to individual needs.
Transparency of Suppliers: The need for transparency in the CBD industry.

Transparency from manufacturers and suppliers is fundamental to consumer trust and safety. This section addresses the need for CBD companies to be clear about their production processes, laboratory analysis results, and the source of their raw material.

Product Comparisons: Comparison of different CBD products on the market

In this section, a comparative analysis of various CBD products available on the market is performed, evaluating their quality, declared CBD and THC content, and compliance with current regulations. This provides a practical guide for consumers when choosing a product.

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