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Ibero CBG 2

Compost de biomasa de cáñamo industrial sin THC de uso hortícola Aroma muy cítrico con toques de hierba buena Nombre comercial: Ibero CBG I THC < 0,05-0,15% CBG 8-16% Nombre legal: Santhica...

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Oil CBD 5%

Flower extract cannabis oil diluted in hemp seed. 5% CBD/CBDa (500 mg.) Available in packs of 10 ml. Description of CBD Oil: The ratio of THC to CBD is 1:25 and ratio of terpenes, is also very...

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Crystal CBD

Description: the CBD Crystals 99% purity. Available in 0,5 g. and 1g. Features: CBD 99%, does not contain THC CBD crystals 99% purity, extracted from a plantation of industrial Hemp certificate...

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Hash shaker

Basta con llenarlo con los cogollos más pequeños y las hojas con resina que rodean los cogollos meterlo en el congelador y agitarlo para que su tamiz interior separe la materia vegetal del polen....

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Now you can buy the buds and flowers of CBD legal marijuana (industrial hemp), clean CBD, hemp CBD, pollen, CBD, BHO, crumble, CBD, CBD oil and cuttings of marijuana in our online store Russia. Our flowers of cannabis (CBD) has a THC level of legal slight 0.2% and high levels of other cannabinoids for medical purposes in some countries (CBD, C, CBN, CBDA, CBDV ELECTRONIC, CBDVA, THCVA, etc).

Buds and flowers of marijuana, light for plants, imported from Switzerland for growing indoors, greenhouse and outdoors, eco-friendly, organic or chemical substances of the substrate, in soil or hydroponics, keeping all smells and flavors with terpenes intact.

This online store provides the who can't grow their own cannabis plants with CBD, on the buying and selling of the flowers and buds of cannabis with CBD, which have all the advantages of cannabis, and it's perfectly legal.

Flowers and buds of industrial hemp CBD "can't eat, or by making tea or cooking to eat, not to smoke, etc. and cannot be used as medical marijuana", can be vaporized using an aromatic to give the smell in your house.