Vaporizador CBD strawberry full spectrum

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    The semi-disposable CBD strawberry Full Spectrum vaporizer is a semi-disposable electronic CBD vaporizer with the aroma of the strawberry cannabis variety. You can add models of:

    - Charger kit + Single-use CBD cartridge.

    - Vaporizer battery kit.

    - Single-use CBD cartridge kit.

    Vaporizers do not contain nicotine.

    Exclusively intended for collectors.

    Cannabis without THC

    Semi-Disposable CBD Kush Full Spectrum Vaporizer: Essence of Kush in a Collectible Format

    Collect the Essence of Kush

    Immerse yourself in the unique essence of the Kush cannabis variety with our semi-disposable CBD vaporizer. Each inhalation brings you closer to the authenticity of Kush, but remember, this product is exclusively intended for collectors who appreciate the rich history of cannabis and its cultural influence.

    Elegant Limited Edition Kit

    This special kit includes a semi-disposable vaporizer with an exclusive design, inspired by the aesthetics of Kush. Make it a centerpiece of your collection, showcasing the beauty and elegance of the cannabis world in a responsible manner. It's not about smoking, but about appreciating culture and the legacy of cannabis in a unique way.

    Every Detail Matters

    Our vaporizer comes with a charger kit and a single-use CBD cartridge, ensuring that every detail is carefully designed to offer a complete collectible experience. Attention to detail and build quality are reflected in each component, making this vaporizer a true object of desire for CBD collectors.

    THC Under Control

    This semi-disposable CBD Kush Full Spectrum vaporizer contains a THC level below 0.2%, ensuring that you can enjoy the essence of Kush without associated psychoactive effects. It's an opportunity to collect a piece of cannabis history without compromising your well-being.

    Expand Your Collection

    With each purchase of our vaporizer, you'll receive an additional 10ml CBD e-liquid bottle to add to your collection. Explore a variety of flavors and enjoy moments of relaxation and cultural appreciation with this unique vaping technology piece.


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