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    It is valid for all drugs detected by the saliva drug test.

    Kleaner Saliva Cleanser Formats

    30 ml


    Kleaner is a substance cleaner for saliva to avoid testing positive in drug tests or other drug controls. With this liquid, we will avoid unjust fines that consumers like us receive for simply having traces of toxins in our bodies.

    Iberohemp does not recommend driving under the influence of drugs under any circumstances.

    Kleaner is a liquid used by smokers to avoid fines for drug tests. It does not detect if we are under the influence of marijuana or "high," but simply tests positive for having residues in our body that may be from even days ago.

    Therefore, driving under the influence of THC is different from driving with THC residues in the body.

    The mouth, saliva, and skin can be cleansed of all unwanted residues. Yes, Kleaner can also be applied to a fabric or tissue and used for skincare, providing maximum care for our skin with Kleaner.

    How to Use Kleaner to Avoid Testing Positive?

    Shake before use.

    To achieve the best effect, we need to apply it 15-30 minutes before the drug test. If we apply it when we see the test, we may test positive for alcohol.

    Apply 4 to 6 ml of the product in the mouth and rinse for at least 1 minute.

    If we do not smoke or consume, the effect lasts for a minimum of one hour.

    It works for all drugs detected by the saliva drug test.

    Kleaner Saliva Cleanser Formats:

    30 ml

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