Order delivery

Provide shipping after confirmation of payment online.

If payment confirmed from Monday to Friday on working days, delivery will be next working day, i.e. if Tuesday until 23:59h, we will send it to you during the day on Wednesday.

If proof of payment is the day on Saturday and Sunday delivered on Monday.

If the day inhábiles, delivery is within 24-48 hours from the next working day.

* Working days inhábiles are determined according to the schedule established in Madrid for each year.

* In case of retention outside the company we are not responsible for the breach of the shipping and delivery conditions


Shipping package

Package delivery is provided by the carrier. Basically, we work with MRW, but also with MAIL or TNT.

After sending, as a rule, delivery is made within 24-72 hours if it is on the Peninsula, including Portugal, and 48-96 h if and in the Balearic Islands.

* We do not deliver to Canary Islands.

* The total cost includes all costs for packing, transport and handling. These costs can vary depending on the type of packaging, volume and weight. We suggest you to collect all your items in one order. We can't combine the two orders are different. These costs will be applied to each order individually.

We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused article after sending, we use packs and containers to ensure their protection.

Secure payment

Using Visa/Mastercard (Only cards national)

Using system Redsys

Bank Transfer

Payment by Bank transfer orna account Spanish

*(If payment is made by Bank transfer, please must specify how the concept links to your order and your user name. We are grateful to present proof of payment to expedite processing of documents)