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Amnesia indoor hydroponic CBD 2 (10g-500g)

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cultivated indoors

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Hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD allows our growers to experience a very rare hybrid cannabis flower. Being 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, both during the day and at night. The light hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD cannabis inflorescences are of high quality; they are cultivated using the "vegan" method (without the use of animal-based fertilizers) indoors, and the seeds come from our famous and beloved hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD. The result is a product with a very sweet and delicate smell. This variety originated in Southern California, and after several years of selection, it offers very high levels of CBD in relation to THC, which always remains below the legal limit.

It owes its name to its notes of very ripe cherries, along with earthy notes of pine. In fact, both notes are found in wines, which undoubtedly contributed to giving birth to the ultra-syrupy consistency of the crystals of these marijuana buds, as well as the name.

Hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD proves to be a very delicate variety with pleasant, compact, and very sticky buds.

The terpenes of this beautiful light cannabis variety appear with a touch of sweet stone fruit layered with hints of pine and pepper. There are high levels of beta-caryophyllene and linalool, which give this strain its rich therapeutic effect (since cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating pain, stress, energy, fertility, and many other complex physical processes) and a very relaxing effect. Additionally, hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD.


In terms of genetics, hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD borrows from two of the most CBD-rich varieties on the market: The Wife and Charlotte's Cherries. As a result of their crossing, we end up with a perfect balance between a Sativa and an Indica. In terms of effects, they are also well-balanced, with everything CBD can do best and a fairly clear uplifting and soothing effect. Therefore, hydroponic indoor Amnesia CBD is ideal for those who want to relax, forget about the stress of everyday life, rest their bodies after intense activity, or improve sleep quality and fall asleep faster.

THC level: <0.2% (legal according to European legislation)

Cultivation type: Indoor (indoor cultivation)

Variety: Hybrid

Amnesia interior hidropónico CBD
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Sin duda el mejor CBD que puede fumar el ser humano! Lo recomiendo al 100% , gran sabor ,gran producto sin duda lo seguiré comprando !

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La mejor sin duda

Mejor cbd que he fumado, lleno de sabor y olor como si tuviera que fumar thc pero sin estar completamente drogado el ideal para los que tienen adicción a la boca y no pueden fumar thc por el trabajo muchas gracias iberohemp ????????

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Buena yerba de interior

Tiene muy buena pinta, el sabor esta bien sin ser excelente, la recomiendo para el que este acostumbrado a la yerba de interior.

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Las flores tienen muy buen aroma y aspecto. Bien tratadas y bien manicuradas, un 10 en ese sentido.<br /> Pero sin embargo, bajo mi criterio, el gusto en boca no corresponde a ese buen aroma, pues es un sabor neutro sin matices.

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